Home Learning - Football Themed II

Home Learning - Football Themed II

During lockdown you can promote learning with these football themed questions covering literacy, numeracy, history, geography, design technology, creativity, physical activity and independent research skills. 

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We’d love to see what you’ve been doing. Please share your work with us on Twitter @OSFshop or email it to us at oldschoolfootball@virginmedia.com

1. Imagine you are Sergio Aguero’s personal trainer and you have just heard Premier League football is over for the foreseeable future because of the Coronavirus. Write a plan of action for Sergio to keep him occupied during his time in isolation at home. Include physical exercise, football drills, a healthy eating plan (he does not eat meat, diary or eggs) and activities to aid his mental health.

2. Try this Football Crest quiz on Kahoot 

Follow this link and see how many team badges you can identify correctly https://create.kahoot.it/share/soccer-club-logos/8b881285-75ea-4df5-babe-b666ca27fa43

3. Research the history of Sheffield FC, the first every football club. When were they established? Where did they play? What was their kit? Write two paragraphs describing the team.

Remember to edit your work, checking for correct punctuation and spelling.

Extension – use what you have found out to create a leaflet, presentation, poster or video. Send this to a grandparent, friend, parent or carer, and then ask them questions about the team.

4. Create you own football club.   What would you call them, where would they play and what would their stadium be called? Create the football kit using a template like this:-

https://hellospark.wetransfer.com/downloads/f83fefe6fe8b420e825ba12f0875159b20200326113733/52f5bc from Hello Spark. You can tweet your creations to us and the creator Rob Warner 

Extension - Design a new club crest. Annotate the design to explain what the different elements of the new badge mean and how they relate to the club.

We look forward to seeing your designs.

5. Imagine you are Gareth Southgate. Now write a 2018 World Cup diary from his point of view. What might he have been thinking and feeling during this World Cup?

6. Research and list 6 football crests featuring birds. Re-design one crest of your choosing.

Feel free to share your new design with us on Twitter or email it to oldschoolfootball@virginmedia.com

7. Practice your keepy-ups. Count them until you lose control of the ball, then continue with the number you finished on until you reach 10 (or 20 or 30 if you are already competent).

8. The USA won the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 when they beat Japan 5-2. Can you find out who got to the quarterfinals of the competition along with USA and Japan? Now plot each of the 8 countries on a map.

Extension – Find out 5 facts about each country and make a leaflet to present your findings.

9. Who is your favourite football mascot? Find out as much as you can about them. What was the reason behind their character? Do they have likes and dislikes? Draw a picture of them and annotate it to show what you know about them and their origins. 

Extension - Write a newspaper article about them.

10. Design a stylish new football boot.  

Extension – Research how football boots are made.   Explain the step by step process to someone else.

11. Jamie Vardy scored 19 goals in the Premier League this season. Danny Ings scored 15 and Dele Alli scored 8. Mohammad Salah scored 16 and Marcus Rashford scored 14.

Firstly order the players from most to least goals scored. Now calculate the following (show your workings please)

How many more than Alli had Vardy scored?  

If Alli had doubled his goals who’s count would he have matched?

How many did Ings and Salah score between them?

How many fewer goals did Alli score compared to Rashford?

How many goals have they all scored in total?

Extension – Express how many goals Alli has scored compared to Salah as a fraction and a percentage

12. As well as carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals a footballer needs protein to stay fit and healthy.  Research and list 15 sources of protein you can find. Make sure you include plant-based protein sources for vegan footballers like Roma’s Chris Smalling, USA and Orlando Pride’s Alex Morgan and Portsmouth FC’s Christian Burgess.

Extension – Design and draw a plate of food for Alex Morgan’s dinner which gives her a good source of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals

13. Imagine this….The Government has decided to ban all football for all children under the age of 16 because there are too many injuries.

Write a letter to the Prime Minister so that he will change their mind. Explain to him why you think children should play football. What are the benefits? 

Use a range of sentence starters to make your writing interesting to read and use persuasive language to make your writing powerful.

Examples of persuasive words/statements; “I urge you”, “Consequently”, “Obviously”, “Clearly”

 14. Ex-professional footballer Alan Shearer is best known for his time at Newcastle United. Research the city of Newcastle and write a visitors guide to the city detailing it’s history and where people should visit*. This could be presented any way you like, for example a leaflet, poster or presentation.

Extension – Write an acrostic poem about the city using the letters N-E-W-C-A-S-T-L-E

You can find out more about acrostic poems here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybexYTzmZ5Y 

*If you would prefer to research and write about your own home town do that instead. You could interview family members by email, WhatsApp, FaceTime etc. to find out more about places they would recommend.

15. Harry Kane’s Match Attax scores for 2019/20 are Defence – 44, Attack – 95

If you took Kane’s attack score from his defence, what would his final score be?

16. The Maradona Turn is a trick perfected by the infamous footballer Diego Maradona.  Find out more about the turn here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYXcoG_mVUA, describe it to someone else and then practice it yourself.

17. The Ballon d'Or, which means "Golden Ball" in French, is an annual football award. Lionel Messi has been awarded it a record 6 times whilst Johan Cruyff, Michel Platini and Marco van have won it 3 times.

Choose one of these players to find out more about then write a letter to the judges of the Ballon d’Or, describe your chosen players qualities and explaining why you think they should be awarded a Super Ballon d’Or for extraordinary achievements

18. Retired professional footballer, Peter Crouch is 2.03 metres tall. How many centimetres is he? How much taller than you is Peter Crouch?

Extension – Find out as much as you can about Peter Crouch and create a poster to show the main facts. You could find out anything you like, such as where was he born, who has he played for, what does he do now?

19. A famous sportsman, Vince Lombardi, once said “Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.”

Explain what you think he meant by that. Now write a paragraph explaining why perseverance is important in any area of life including at school or on the sports field.

Extension – Find out about three people who never gave up and how their perseverance enable them to succeed

20. Liverpool’s Virgil Van Dijk has made 2,478 passes in this season’s Premier League matches whilst Brighton’s Lewis Dunk has passed 1,881 times.

Calculate the following:- 

How many more passes has Van Dijk achieved compared to Dunk?

What is the place value of the 2 in these pass records?

How many passes have the two players made between them?


Please share examples of your work with us @OSFshop


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