Recent Nike kit releases

Recent Nike kit releases

If recent kit releases are anything to go by the credit card is going to take a hammering this Spring.

Last week’s France beauty will be first on the list and proves the old adage that less is more. 

Nike’s retro inspired, FFF incarnation has been released to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Football Federation and is simplicity personified.


The jersey is more of a royal blue, as opposed to the traditional navy, with buttons and a collar.

The iconic cockerel crest, picked out in gold, is accompanied by the two gold stars above it and other embroidery details include the ‘100 ans’ stitching and the tricolore flag next to the front button fastening.

It’s a million miles away from the recently released, Manchester City mash-up but, despite the positive reactions from many, it hasn’t been met with universal adulation.

One Twitter comment complained that the France Centenary shirt 'looks like a golf polo shirt’; another describing it as ‘like a pipe fitter’s uniform’ and a further insult likened it to a ‘Sports Direct school polo’

Talking of the Man City mash-up, that too received a mixed reaction including some heavy criticism online when the club and Nike revealed their new shirt, paying homage to some of Man City’s past 6 years of kit incarnations.


Among the jerseys being 'mashed' is the 2017/18 home shirt from The Citizens centurion season and the third shirt from the domestic double winning crusade of 2013/14.

The limited-edition shirt incorporates nine favourites, blending them into this new composition and only 600 will be available for sale.


Now, some of the best new Nike kits are being showcased at the upcoming Women’s World Cup in June this year.

Womens_World_Cup_Nike Releases England’s Lionesses have seen their kit given a fresh twist with a darker red than usual, used on the cuffs to accent the clean white base. Look out for the custom, hand-drawn print on their socks too, which depict specific flora, like poppies and primroses, native to specifically chosen areas of England  

This same pattern is featured more heavily on the away kit on both the jersey and socks, set again in the darker red shade. It also incorporates the St. George Cross and, what the FA describe as “a tonal crest unique to the Lionesses “

More importantly the kit marks a tide change in the women’s game with this kit being the first that the England women's team have had made exclusively for them.


The FA’s Director of Women’s Football, Baroness Sue Campbell sees the kit as signifying progress within the women’s game “It’s the first time our women’s team have had their own unique and exclusive kits which is a real marker of progress and an indicator of how much the profile of the women’s game has grown in this country.”

 And then there’s the Nike France Women’s kit! And those hexadot details.

Hexadot_details_WWC-FranceBoth the FFF home and away shirt feature some lovely rose gold detailing and both have the words “Nos Différences Nous Unissent”, translated as “Our differences are what unites us”, just inside the collar

France_Womens_World_Cup_Kit_Nike I like the subtle way the Tricolore is represented on the shirt sleeve and, on the away strip, as I’ve already said, I’m very taken with the hexadot design!

In a global event in Paris, Nike revealed 12 other national team kits along with these England and France ones. Never before have these kits been designed specifically for the women’s teams of these nation since they usually wear some derivation of the men’s kit.

US_Womes_World_Cup_KitThe US national kit is another joy to behold, with it’s all-white homage to 1999, when USA hosted and won the tournament, and a tonal grey back panel representing the 50 US states. 

AusAustralia_Womens_world-Cup_kittralia also took their inspiration from the 1990’s with their (some would say vibrant, others might say gaudy) green and mustard, street-art design. They too have a motto to motivate them on the pitch as "never say die” is printed on the inside of their shirt.


And then there’s Norway……these kits have caused much anticipation for #WWC19 and I for one can’t wait for June 7th


Let us know what you think of these new Nike releases in the comments below



All photos courtesy of Nike Football


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