The Hillsborough 96, remembered 30 years on

The Hillsborough 96, remembered 30 years on

In Liverpool, one minute’s silence will be observed at six minutes past three this afternoon, to commemorate the time, 30 years ago that, the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Notts Forest at Hillsborough was stopped, and to mark the disastrous events of that day which resulted in the tragic deaths of 96 men, women and children


Those who were unlawfully killed, on the Lepping Lane terraces that fateful day on 15th April 1989, include two brothers, Carl and Nicholas Hewitt aged 16 and 17 at the time, sisters Sarah and Victoria Hicks who were 19 and 15 years old and father and son Thomas and Tommy Howard

To remember them all, today the Liverpool traffic will stop in the Mersey tunnels, ferry horns will be sounded, the town hall bells will toll 96 times flags around the city will be flown at half mast 
On the steps of St. George’s Hall, 96 latterns will be laid and the city’s Anglican cathedral will hold a special public remembrance service, whilst those bereaved families most deeply affected by the terrible events of that day, 30 years ago, will attend a private service at Anfield
Of the tragedy Bruce Grobbelaar has said "Everybody changed from that day onwards......It didn't shatter just Liverpool fans. It shattered a city. I don't think any other city could have handled it the way Liverpool has, or could have done as much."
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